File Formats

Files accepted include DWG, DXF, and EPS. We can raster (engrave) from an image file or hand-drawn pattern but cannot cut from these file types. We offer a drawing service where we scan your artwork (up to A0 size) and create a digital version that is ready to cut.


When preparing your artwork, please ensure that the drawing is as clean as possible:

  • We prefer DXF or EPS file types.
  • Remove double or duplicate lines, images, fills, hatches or xrefs.
  • Lines to cut should be on one layer in one colour and the engraving on another.
  • Resize your drawings to the scale that you require. 1 unit = 1mm.
  • Include a 100mm x 100mm rectangle for scale reference.
  • When using text in Illustrator, convert your text to outlines or send us the necessary font.
  • If you require lots of pieces of the same shape, draw one and we will duplicate the artwork to the quantity you require.

Production Time

We normally require 2-3 days for production depending on the amount we are cutting. If you are on a tight deadline, let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate your job.


Prices start at just £40 + VAT for laser cutting and £100 + VAT for CNC cutting. We work out our quotes according to how long your artwork will take to cut plus material costs. The price will vary greatly depending on how detailed your artwork is and how thick your material is.

We do not apply an additional cost when you require a quick turn-around and all jobs will be quoted in advance so you know exactly how much your cuts will cost. You may supply your own materials.


Please send us your file together with an explanation of what you require and your full contact details to