Perspective: Les Charettes

From corrugated card blocks to exquisite display for intricate architectural models.

BDPCharette2 BDPCharette1

No job too small or too big for Capital Models now that they have additional space in their Perseverance Works workshop.

For over a month the Capital Models workshop was taken over by huge cardboard blocks of all shapes and sizes. These were slowly assembled and mounted on wheels, thus being transformed into carts used by Europe foremost interdisciplinary practice of architects, designers, engineers and urbanists BDP to celebrate its 50 years.

The BDP 61/11 exhibition celebrates the 50 years of BDP’s life and the exhibition at the RIBA celebrates BDP’s multi-disciplinary success. BDP’s founder was George Grenfell-Baines who lived in Preston where the company originated and whose father Ernest Baines was a railwayman. It is this link that lead us to design a wagon train for the exhibition to house the models and charettes to house the graphics. The material choice was purely for a sustainable reasons and the recycled look of the train creates as much intrigue as the information contained within it. Let’s just hope that as the “wagon train” leaves London and weaves its way up to Manchester it is admired as much as it has been in the RIBA.