Clissold Quarter, Higgins Homes

Higgins Homes needed a fully detailed marketing model for Clissold Quarter, a contemporary development of 158 apartments in Stoke Newington, London. The development consists of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments including duplexes and penthouses.

We produced the 1:100 model solely using acrylic combined with several different techniques.

Detail was the key with this project and to capture this within the scale we adapted several different techniques to show realistic colours and textures for a contoured site with roads, pavements and landscaping.

The new buildings showed all the external features including frosted recessed windows, window frames, brick and stone cladding, sills, headers, balconies, balustrades and roofs.

In contrast, neighbouring buildings were made from tinted acrylic with a hollow structure.

To give a general illuminated effect we finished off by installing an internal LED light.

The apartments of Clissold Quarter are currently being completed for purchase and so this model still sits in the Higgins Homes showroom. We regularly visit the site to clean the model and carry out any necessary repairs.

Since this project, Higgins Homes has become a regular client of ours and we’re happy to say we have developed a good working relationship.


Property Developer: Higgins Homes plc