Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe’s dynamic mix of food and fashion

We have worked with food artist, Tom Wolfe for many years now making sculptural pieces for his numerous launch events and fashion shows.

Tom’s fusion of food, art and design has made him the “go to” chef within the creative industries.

His imagination, fuelled by his travels, has inspired him to merge food with performance art and he is now famous around the globe for his experiential catering and unique culinary concepts.

Tom’s diverse client base includes the likes of Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Dior, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez.

He recently created ‘Food Fashion Shows’ delivering edible art to audiences within the art and fashion world. This unique idea involves catwalk models wearing Tom’s contemporary ‘food tray’ designs as accessories, such as hats, bags and jewellery. Then at the end of each show the models leave the actual runway and mingle with the guests throughout the evening serving his stunning food art canapés.

The Tray (pictured) is made from PETG, a type of clear plastic and is shaped by hand using a hot air gun and gloves.  These headpiece sculptures act like hats and have a clear recess in the head section with chin straps to secure it to the model’s head.

Every sculptural tray is designed to reflect the type of food Tom is going to be serving that evening. And, like a true artist, he visually inspects and tweaks each presentation display until he is satisfied with the results.

As model makers for projects such as this, an element we always need to consider within our construction techniques is how robust a piece needs to be. If a sculpture is going to be transported a lot from show to show we must make sure that it isn’t fragile and can keep up with the stresses and strains of travel and usage.

In fact, the pieces we make, are so robust that Tom reuses them from show to show. And from time to time, the pieces meet their makers again as they are returned to our workshop for modification and repair.

With no two pieces ever alike, we find Tom’s work truly inspirational and it’s always such a joy to be part of the model making process for one of his many projects.

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