Bema’s Bright Yellow Pod

Bema, which stands for “Be More Alive”, is a food and lifestyle brand founded by former financial city worker, Sidd Bhat.

The Bema concept, to inspire stressed Londoners to reach for more than a quick sandwich on their lunch break, offers exotic bowls of 100% plant food celebrating flavours from around the world. This healthy street food can be pre-ordered via an App and then collected from a Bema pod, saving valuable time for busy workers.

We were absolutely delighted to build this prototype bright yellow pod for their first pop-up at Spitalfields Market in Shoreditch.

The pod base was made from 18mm waterproof ply and mounted on 12 casters. We then made the ply walls as a hollow construction in 8 sections, cladding the outside with yellow Formica and the inside with white melamine. The curved roof was also constructed in 8 sections from CNC machined ribs with a skin of bendy ply and clad in yellow Formica.

The whole unit can be dis-assembled for transport and reassembled at another location. For projects like this that are going to be used over and over again, we always need to use appropriate construction techniques to make the unit robust.

Bema’s yellow pod has certainly attracted lots of attention in London’s vibrant Shoreditch area as well as on social media channels. The idea is to have more pods positioned at strategically chosen locations around London’s busy squares and stations.

We feel the prototype totally captures Bema’s philosophy of “Be More Alive” and we hope to be constructing more yellow pods for them in the near future.