Carshalton Water Tower

The Carshalton Water Tower is a unique Grade II listed building in the groundsĀ of Carshalton House in Surrey. It was built by Sir John Fellows, between 1717-20, as a pavilion for entertainment and to supply fresh spring water to his adjoining mansion.

A charity called the Carshalton Water Tower & Historic Garden Trust maintain the building and grounds and is run purely by friends, volunteers and trustees.

We were asked by them to make a cross sectional model of the water tower to be exhibited in their elegant orangery reception area.

Our 1:20 scale model shows a cross-section through the industrial part of the building, showing the pump chamber, sump and tank.

Initially we worked from an original sketch provided by the Carshalton Water Tower & Historic Garden Trust. But then in order to draw the whole thing, we decided to visit the site in person to take photos and measurements of the tower itself.

We laser engraved, and laser cut everything apart from the urns that were 3D printed.

The idea was to give the impression that the tower was new and in doing so the colouration became quite a challenge. We first worked from a general impression of the shade and then coloured the trim and arches so they were a redder colour.

It was a time consuming exercise but had become a complete labour of love.

The model helps tell the amazing story of this unique early 18th century folly, as well as being a fund raising aid.

So, to make the model interactive and add an element of fun, we constructed the mechanics of the water-wheel so it spins at the drop of a coin.

The Carshalton Water Tower Trust is absolutely devoted to the conservation of the site and continue to organise events and special openings to raise money for the upkeep of the historic buildings and surrounding gardens.

We like to think, our model plays a small part in helping them along their way.

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