Featherstone Marketing Suite

The Featherstone building is a 126,500 sq. ft industrial inspired workspace near Old Street, London.

Architects Morris and Company teamed up with developers Derwent London to produce this ‘Intelligent Building’ that uses technology to maximise operations by monitoring energy use, carbon emissions and energy costs.

The external facade of the building takes on a contemporary feel featuring a natural brick palette and huge glass panelled windows. On the 10th floor there is a rooftop pavilion offering a sanctuary of calm within this bustling area and a biodiverse green roof provides a habitat for local wildlife.

We were asked by branding/design agency Everything in Between, to help fit out the marketing suite which involved producing signage, display panels and a contemporary mounted 3D map.

The Featherstone Building has been designed as a hybrid space, offering a mix of office and retail units to encourage collaboration. To reflect this, the main display theme highlights local outlets within the community, celebrating the diverse and creative Old Street area.

For the contemporary looking wall map we laser cut the roads using walnut veneer and maple veneer for the pavements. The 3D block buildings (that we also made from walnut) represent other Derwent London developments around the city. We showed these areas by using circular location discs.

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