Women Fashion Power at the Design Museum

The latest show at London’s Design Museum Women Fashion Power explores how women, both past and present, use fashion to build reputation, attract attention and assert authority. The exhibition graphic design, by LucienneRoberts+ is suitably confident and assured. Setting out to reinforce the multi-layered readings of the title, and play with notions of time and change when Women and Fashion and Power intersect, the LucienneRoberts+ team developed a graphic system to complement the 3-d design by Zaha Hadid Architects alongside supporting the many stories being told.

Capital Models fabricated the LucienneRoberts+ designed main title from glowing fluorescent Perspex complete with rotating hands.


Exhibition design: Zaha Hadid Architects www.zaha-hadid.com

Exhibition graphic design: LucienneRoberts+ www.luciennerobertsplus.com