Utopia Exhibition

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects (AHMM) held a series of creative workshops along with their charity of the year, Accumulate – the Art School for the Homeless.

The workshops ran for 10 weeks and involved groups of people who are living in hostels and temporary accommodation.

The AHMM team shared their extensive knowledge of architecture, modelmaking, drawing and collage, to enable the group to learn new skills and develop their creativity through exploration of the theme of ‘Utopia’.

The collages, sketches, and architectural models that the participants produced formed part of the ‘Utopia – A New World For Everyone’ exhibition at St John’s Waterloo Festival.

For the Utopia exhibition we made stand-alone framed exhibition stands from 500m of timber. Each stand is constructed using three Plywood panelled 600mm cubes, to display graphics as well as having an open section to present the pieces.

Once the graphics were added to the timber stands the whole display came to life and the exhibition was perfect for displaying the excellent work that had been achieved by the participants.

Marice Cumber, Accumulate founder said,

‘The members of the group increased their self-confidence, well-being and sense of personal value by being involved with this project – helping them become more positive and, in turn, make more positive decisions in their lives and for their futures’.

For more information about AHMM go to: https://www.ahmm.co.uk/

Photos: @AHMMArchitects