• Five state-of-the-art cutting machines
  • Cutting up to large bed size, 1980 x 1180mm
  • Working with a variety of materials such as perspex acrylic, acrylic mirror, solid wood, plywood, MDF, paper and card, fabric and leather
  • Personalised engraving on trophies and awards
  • Making customised items such as invitation cards, promotional merchandise or patterns for the fashion and jewellery industry
  • Cutting accuracy gentle enough to score paper and card
  • Ability to cut up to 20mm acrylic with excellent clarity
  • Perfect for prototyping and production runs alike

Successful laser cutting demands absolute precision and a vast knowledge of compatible materials.

The cutting and engraving applications are endless and projects vary from producing delicate architectural model pieces to large-scale custom made displays and bespoke furniture.

Our skilled team has years of experience working with state-of-the-art cutting machines and have experimented along the way with a wide variety of components.

Whatever the brief, we approach it with accuracy and attention to detail, producing stunning and beautiful results.

This industry experience gives Capital the confidence to offer clients absolute freedom with their creative ideas. However unusual or bespoke, we can translate any concept from an initial sketch or CAD drawing into a reality.