Our fully equipped London workshop caters for projects both large and small. All our services are delivered in-house and under one roof using our own machines and equipment. This enables us to be commercially competitive as well as being able to invite clients along to see their projects develop and meet the team.


  • Highly experienced at machining all types of hard and soft woods
  • CNC cutting and laser cutting on wood
  • Specialists combining technology and traditional hand skills to carve, cut and engrave wood
  • Model and prop makers interpreting complex designs and 3D forms
  • Producing wood exhibition stands, bespoke furniture, window displays, models for film sets and theatre
  • Working in oak, walnut, cheery, beech, pear, plywood, laminate and MDF in a variety of thicknesses

In woodwork, traditional hand making skills are essential for joinery and finishing. This capability along with state-of-the-art cutting machines and a readily supply of hard and soft woods puts Capital’s machine shop at the forefront of the industry.

  • Panel saw
  • Circular saws
  • Disc sanders


  • Professional spray booth adapting to whatever finish is required
  • Hand finishing techniques from roller painter plinths to polished acrylic blocks

We are dedicated to producing precise products for our clients and this involves ensuring the highest possible finish whatever the requirements. Our finishing booth is environmentally safe fulfilling all safety codes.

3D Printing

  • Producing organic shapes
  • Producing model accessories at the correct scale
  • Prototyping
  • Making precise model furniture

At Capital, we fully understand the capabilities of 3D printing and how it can bring a vision to life. We can supplement our model making service using 3D printing to capture the most intricate organic shape with absolute precision.


Vinyl Cutting

  • 60mm wide rolls by any length
  • Producing signage for visual displays, retail and exhibitions in-house
  • Producing masks from stencils to spray through, lining up artwork and light block

Vinyl cutting is a perfect solution for high impact visual displays. It can be an easy and fast solution to capture key messaging for an effective form of advertising.